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cenk: welcome to tomasky. guess what kind of show we've got for you today? awesome. the n.r.a. is now using one of the dads from the newtown tragedy to sell a pro gun agenda. >> i want to say that i think politics needs to sort of be set aside here, and i hope this doesn't, you know, lead to name-calling. cenk: we're going to have a conserve active, libertarian and liberal at a talk about that. it should be a very interesting discussion. he's back, mark sanford of the appalachian trail fame is about to win the republican primary. tonight, we'll talk to the head of the republican party in south
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carolina. >> people say you know mark, you certainly mess said up in your personal life. i've talked about it. cenk: going to have some success tonight. i can't believe the republicans are going to bring him back in. >>. now mat salmon is saying i haven't fully evolved on gay marriage even though his son is gay. we found a video of his son talking about that interfamily relationship. >> i didn't know if my family would ever come around. >> it doesn't mean that i don't sympathize with some of the wishes, it just means that i haven't evolved to that station. cenk: hmm. that tape of his son is amazing so come back more for that. down r. do you know what time it is anybody? anybody at all? oh right! it's go time. ♪ theme ♪
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>> you know that famous moment off the the new town shooting when wane lapierre the head of the n.r.a. came out and said this? >> the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >> that's of course complete and utter nonsense, but he continued to come up with a brilliant new idea for how to combat all the school shootings put more guns into schools. that seemed crazy at the time. guess what, the bill in the senate has been gutted so once, it's one of the few provisions left today the national school shield funded completely by the n.r.a., so that's a nice funny joke for you guys, tell us what their no proposal, guess what it does? it puts armed guards in all the schools. wow, i didn't see that coming. here's their head asa hutchinson
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telling us all about it. >> we presented a model training program for school resource officers that is an enhancement of what they currently undertake and are required. the states need to consider changing the laws so that it allows the firearm to be carried by school personnel when they go through this model training program. cenk: just to add a fun little extra salt and pepper, a little spice of corruption into this, hutchinson also getting paid by a private security company which would make a ton of money from his new 225 page report recommending armed guards at all those schools. isn't that convenient? what do they have in that plan? it would involve federal coordination and funding. i thought they hate big gough. i guess they don't mind it when it puts guns in our schools. on line self assessment tools
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for schools on how to bring more guns in and a threat assessment team that includes mental health professionals. i think they need mental health professionals if they do this plan and an interagency agreement between law enforcement and a school to coordinate all the different guns inside the schools. it sounds like a great plan. i can't wait to have my kid go to a school littered with guns. i bet nothing goes wrong. are you ready for this? it's time for power panel. drop it! ♪ theme ♪ >> it's an all media power panel today, andrew core rely, senior editor and nored hoffman.
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>> guns in school, a good idea? >> it comports with what the white house that proposed. they're on the same page with the n.r.a., the definition that we're arguing over is a guard who is going to be a guard, is it going to be a police officer that's been trained, is it going the be an independent security official, but we're essentially on the same page with the white house, just arguing over definitions. >> tommy are you on that same page? >> i'm on the page of having -- my kids are guarded by police officers in their schools. anything less than that i would not be comfortable with. i did a story a couple of months ago about a security guard in michigan who left his been in the bathroom at a middle school and luckily nobody found it, but, you know, that incident alone is enough. especially when you've got kids, you know, every day that they're in school especially if you have an armed teacher, their mission is going to be to try to get that gun away from that teacher.
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that's not something i've comfortable with. police officers, yes, anybody else, a rent a cop armed teachers, no way. >> i'm curious about the libertarian position on this. as a libertarian, i imagine your pro gun rights. where do you come out on this. >> if you remember after the n.r.a., the first controversial wane lapierre press conference, you might remember conservatives supported him liberals were morninging him and the lib are tarns didn't know how to react to it. i will put off by the n.r.a. and i think ron paul had the best response, throw out the 10th 10th amendment in favor of the second amendment now have the federal government fund some sort of pseudoamerican police force to come in and protect these schools. only 2% of youth homicides happen in schools. it's a misplaced priority.
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wane lapierre is looking like he is doing something. >> you are always on appointment on the libertarian idealogy. noah who wins politically? i saw a recent article you wrote about that in terms of democrats and republicans. on the one hand, when you talk about gun control the numbers have slipped on it. it's gone from if i have 7% in favor of gun control down to 47% in fave of gun control. on the other hand, background checks specifically, all duties, 91% in favor democrats 95% republicans 87% in favor of background checks. wouldn't democrats win if they pushed for more gun control given those numbers. >> on background checks specifically as long as there are protections in the legislation or against a federal registry for guns for example friends for friends purchases republicans would have a tough time opposing that, but they have time on their side. as you've seen from the recent polling, everything's been going
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in the republicans favor and the favor of individuals who oppose new gun laws, and if you're a democratic politician in a vulnerable district or state that maybe supports gun laws, you should look at this trajectory and be nervous about what it's going to look like in 2014. cenk: 87 support of republicans support you. 95% of democraties support you 91% of independents support you. if you get nervous over that, you should get the hell out of politics. if you want win with those numbers, don't you suck at politics. >> but the current of grayety in american political life is for gun rights in general the broad understanding that having gun as a freedom is something that americans support. individual gun control proposals do better, but in the absence of the shock to the system like newtown, you're going to have a tough time selling new gun laws. cenk: i can't believe that, but let me ask why to andrew and tommy and to all of you guys. what do you think is the
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phenomenon behind something that has 97 approval rating not being able to pass the united states senate or it being at least a very open question. >> i hate to be the cliche here, but i would place most of the blame on the media, because from the minute this thing happened, and they started talking about this, you know, the pundits have all been saying assault weapons ban has no chance, this has no chance, maybe they'll get background checks. they've continued to say that no matter what the polls said. the reason for that is there's a bias in favor of not being wrong. if these guys say this enough, you know, then they're butts are covered when, you know, everything but background checks doesn't pass, and then, you know, if they end up being wrong in 2014, we'll see what happens. you know people saying the n.r.a.'s winning. we won't know that until we see what happens. if they don't pass the ban on my capacity magazines and assault
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rifles, we'll see if in 2014 they will be punished for it. cenk: the american people seem to be with them. according to high capacity magazines and my theory is always that it's the money and money makes the difference. bloomberg is beginning to even that count. one other point here is the notown father, mark madioli came in in support of the school program, the armed guards in the schools. let's watch that clip and then i want to have a discussion about it. >> this is a comprehensive program. i applaud everyone for their input. i also want to say that i think politics needs to sort of be set aside here and i hope this doesn't, you know, lead to name-calling, but rather this is recommendations for solutions real solutions that will make our kids safer.
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cenk: all right i open it up to the panel again is politics really not involved here? of course it is. isn't it, on both sides? >> sure, of course. >> of course, as my friend would say. [ laughter ] >> i understand the impulse when this happened, i challenged all of my assumptions. i was on this show not long ago talking about video games cenk. i think it's ok to have an open mind but if you come at this like a newborn baby, like you don't know the history of any of this, you might take the n.r.a.'s proposal seriously. it's easy for them to say let's fund this now because it's like let's look away from doing anything about the guns and do this thing that they know the party they support the republicans aren't going to support, because it's more spending. wane lapierre endorsed mitt romney, who made fun of president obama for wanting to
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hire more police. this man that they have, the purpose isn't to get it passed or implemented. it's to say look away from the guns, from the background checks high capacity magazines and look away from assault weapons. cenk: if republicans were the problem, we'd be forcing them to filibuster this kind of deal, forcing them out into the public. they are not the problem the problem is the democratic? out of a got to leave it there tommy, look, you're both right. tommy's right that the republicans are planning -- no, you're right, they are planning to filibuster, that's a fact, including what they call the quiet filibuster. it's not like the democrats have clean hands. a bunch of democrats aren't going to volt for it. >> as they say they're not going to vote for it, cenk. let them look those parents in the eye. when it comes to the day where
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they've got to look neil hessler in the eye that's when it will be put to the test. i think a lot of people saying they're not going to vote for it are going to volt for it. cenk: i totally disagree with you there because that assumes courage on the part of democrats. it's a great panel. i thank you all for joining us, really appreciate it. >> thanks. >> thanks, cenk. >> thank you. cenk: when we come back, steven colbert's sister up against cheating mark sanford who is about to win tonight. they're going to go in the general election, and we're going to have the head of the south carolina gop executive director on the show when we come back. >> no free air time, lulu that as a broadcast journalist, i'm obligated to maintain
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objectivity. laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking?
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>> if you believe in state's rights but still support the drug war you must be high. >> "viewpoint" digs deep into the issues of the day. >> do you think that there is any chance we'll see this president even say the words "carbon tax"? >> with an open mind... >> has the time finally come for real immigration reform? >> ...and a distinctly satirical point of view. >> but you mentioned "great leadership" so i want to talk about donald rumsfeld. >> (laughter). >> watch the show. >> only on current tv.
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>> steven colbert's sister. >> she will be getting a little free t.v. time. >> wrong no free air time, lulu. as a broadcast journalist, i am obligated to maintain pure objectivity. cenk: of course, he is talking about his sister, who has overkelmingly won the democratic primary. the question is who is she going to run against. that is being decided tonight. the polls closed a little while ago, but mark sanford had an overwhelming lead as far as we could tell from the polling and financial advantage he he had. he is likely to win. there is no exit poll to speak but it is not definitely over. if they were to run against one another, it would be a close race colbert busch 47% sanford
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44%. that district is very conservative. right now the person who's in the senate, who came from that district is the most conservative senator probably in the whole country. it will be very interesting to see how it plays out and whether mark sanford can achieve his political comeback. he said he was on the appalachian trail when he was on the trail of his mistress in argentina, by the way using government money for that. let me bring in the director for the south carolina party alex, given governor sanford's previous in discretions lets put it that way are you looking forward to having him as a candidate or are you worried about that? >> well, cenk, voters just
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voted, pollles just closed 15 minutes ago. we have two great nominees. we'll see in an hour or so who our nominee is. we have two great candidates and we look forward to whoever the nominee is to taking on miss dole about her busch and becoming the next congressman from the first district. cenk: when we talked about the trust issue he cheated on his life famously so, lied about his constituents, saying he was hiking when he was in fact in argentina. governor son ford addressed that this morning. i want to show you that clip and get your reaction. >> people say to me, you know, mark, you certainly messed up in your personal life. i did fail and have acknowledged that failure. i've talked a lot about it, talked about the lessons you learn in failure. sometimes you learn more in failure than success. there's a whole lot of seoul searching that comes with it. outside of that, when you go back to money issues, debt, deficit, government spending, people said you know mark, i
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always relied on you and what i'm going to do is give you a chance to make a difference on that, try it again. cenk: alex, that's got to be a huge liability. >> well, you know, governor sanford has traveled the state the last months when he was still senator explaining to folks what happened. i don't think nationwide has any question about what happened during that sad time in governor son ford's tenure and of course south carolina. the important thing is his record what he did as governor on the spending side and in congress. the thing he did in congress is something that the country would be a lot better off had they listened to people like mark son ford that spending is an issue. had we listened to him, i think our country would be a lot better off. we've gone over, governor sanford has gone over the down time in his life and black time for our state. he's talked to voters and voters
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will have a chance to choose tonight and may seven to choose. they'll choose mark sanford or curtis bostic, because they know elizabeth colbert busch will out of touch with the values. cenk: he's running on not spending too much, but then look at the unbelievable hypocrisy that he used a government funded trip to go down to argentina to have sex with his mistress. i don't want to spend money on you, i just want to spend money on me. >> like i said, i think his record speaks for itself object spending. that was a huge issue. i think he's answered those and he's had a lot of personal time to reflect on that that, and he's asked the voters for forgiveness. cenk: i'm not asking just about governor son ford. i get what you're saying. i'm asking about the republican party. you guys get that you've got an issue here that you're always
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talking about family values and it turns out there's the cheating and you're always talking about the spending and reagan and bush spent like drunk sailors, never balanced the budget. you understand that it's an issue for the party overall. >> i think the party's message is good, the messaging needs to be perfected. i don't think democrats have an argument either when it comes to family values. cenk: they don't make that argue met one guys make that argument. that's why the hypocrisy issue. if they make the argument, i'm 100% with you. >> the important thing face orchestrate and nation is the debt. when mark sanford was a congressman, he was better than any other congressman making sure he focused on how to curtail spending, spending the massive debt that we're in isn't just a threat to our children and families, but it's also a military issue. cenk: it's hard to believe your
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party. i'll tell you why who's only president in our lifetime to balance the budget, clinton. he's a democratic, right? reagan bush, deficit deficit. it's fair to point out that, you know you had a republican congress and democratic approximate the. when you had a republican congress and republican under bush, you didn't do it because you didn't want to do it. when you look at todd akin and alan west, same thing as sanford, spending, spend they lose their race and double the salaries of their government employees. it's always i want to cut spend towering, i don't want to cut spending for me. >> cenk, i'll tell you that i don't think during this time in congress, i don't think any congressman had a better record of doing exactly what you sound like you wanted him to do. i think we need to stop spendion. i would agree with you on that. i think no congressman when he
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was in congress did a better job of protecting our spending and fighting against wasteful government spending than he did. i think he proves your point that we need more people like mark sanford in congress. cenk: yeah, governor sanford when he was governor and spending a lot of the taxpayers money to go have sex with his mistress. >> he's a great governor. cenk: whether you guys can convince people that he was a great governor well, you've done some good work and i give you credit for that, ok. i think a lot of people have bad a memories of him as a governor. >> the voters in charleston and beautiful coast have decided that today and we'll find out tonight. may seven, mark sanford or curtis really to congress for the first time, because elizabeth colbert busch don't
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line up with the rest of the country. cenk: making the argument for the south carolina republican party. we appreciate it. >> thank you. cenk: when we come back, we've got matt salmon, speaking of family values. he doesn't want to support his son opt issue have gay marriage. his son happens to be gay. we found a video of his son's emotional reaction to his family when he first came out. you've got to see this. >> my parents were very politically opposed to gay equal rights. my mom was president of the organization in arizona that drafted the 2006 amendment to ban gay marriage. >> it's go time.
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cenk: we're back on "the young turks." we've got a fun panel here, anna kasparian. jayary jackson is here, and dave reuben. we're going to talk about mat salmon and his son. matt salmon is a republican congressman from california, family values, the whole shpiel. we found a video. >> my parents are -- were very politically opposed to gay and equal rights. my mom was president of the organization in arizona that drafted the 2006 amendment to ban gay marriage in arizona. she even asked me to help her edit it sometimes.
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my dad is also a republican politician. he's in congress and he's running for congress again. i can tell you suns i've come out, things have changed with my family. cenk: now, it seems to get a little better. he wound up becoming a spokesman for the arizona republicans. now that his father is in favor of gay marriage, with all the people evolving, representative salomon is still swimming upstream. >> i'm still not there as far as believing in my heart that we should change 2,000 years of social policy in favor of a new definition of the family. i'm not there. i don't believe that this is a lifestyle that he chose. it doesn't mean that i don't have respect. it doesn't mean that i don't sympathize with some of the issues.
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it just means that i haven't evolved to that stage. rob portman apparently has. cenk: let me turn to the "young turks" here. if your child is gay and you're not in favor of gay marriage, does that make you a bad person? >> off the bat just in and of itself it doesn't make you a bad person and in a bizarre way i'm going to be nice off the bat and i sort of empathize with the guy because he's had a set of beliefs and now he's known for a couple of years so it's time to get along. you can feel it when he's saying it that he wants to evolve but still feels that he has all these political reasons that he can't. cenk: of course, you're right dave, of course it's political reason. >> does that make him bad? it's getting to that tipping point where yeah, it's just going to be bad. >> i think he's going to feel like a bad guy. this guy he's going to get there, probably he's going to get there.
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cenk: when the polls change in his district. >> will it be too late, cause so much pain to his son and his family who have strong feelings about this. later, this guy is going to feel like the worst guy. >> i feel strange that we're tiptoeing around it. yes, you're a bad guy. when you put your political career ahead of your family's well being you're a bad guy. i've never seen that video before. it almost brought me to tears. look what you're doing to him and having him he had it your ridiculous propaganda videos? you're a bad guy, done. >> you're a bad guy you saw the whole thing where he was breaking down. so you're political career is ahead of your son's life. at one point, he said he sympathizes with the issues. you know what the issues are? you're the issue you're pushing the issue. >> we need to stop coddling parents, i don't care if their
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politicians, your kid comes out to you you get a therapist. it's not america's problem and it's not your kid's problem. >> the only reason i empathies with him, you're right about the polls, we sauteed another republican flip on gay marriage. i don't know that every single thing that politicians do is totally based in politics. he may have some religious belief, but again get on the bus at this point. now we have real sort of heart-heavy proof that you're hurting your own family by protecting your family. cenk: another question is whether religion justifies it. he addressed that. he grew up mormon. i want to show everybody. >> i grew up in the mormon church and i sat for years in misery but tried to put on a good face because that's what i was taught to do.
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when i was 14, i was finally able to verbalize what i had felt inside for many years. i told my mom christmas night that i was attracted to guys, and she told me that it was a phase and that i would grow out of it. and i tell you it's not a phase and you don't want to grow out of it. i'm so glad in a i didn't. cenk: now guys, look, i get it people grow up in a certain religion and it's tough to break out of it. they're thrown a curveball there, the pants are growing up their whole lives thinking it's a bad thank you. i don't want to throw all religious people under the bus but at some point you got to recognize your kid was miserable for 20 years because of that propaganda that you put on him. right? does it make you a bad guy if you can't get beyond it once you know your kid is out? >> i think what he said there about the mother saying it's a phase and you're going to grow out of it shows how the
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infection that religion becomes even if it's not intended that way. by her logic she somehow overcame her own same sex attraction to then marry a man and is saying, you would only think that if you would repressed some stuff yourself. if you're a straight person, why would you think a gay person, it wouldn't make sense. cenk: there was another state legislator that said homosexuality is a bad addiction. that's a curious way of putting it why are you addicted to it? >> the scariest thing is that the mormon church makes the republican party look progressive. i think they've come a long way, starting to have a little more conversation. i think there are a lot more people coming out within the church. they make the gop look like they love gay people. >> your family's religious jayary, do you give them for of a
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pass. >> there's a thought process. i was raced to be conscious of what you see and hear. you can believe in god and worship and love what you have with your life without saying this guy this man gave it to me. so, when you're that blind you'll believe anyone someone tells you. i watched the whole thing, he said he he kneeled down and prayed to god and he felt god's love. that's his life and he still believes in god. you can have that and still have your beliefs. it's not a matter of relidge that, it's a matter of someone telling you what the belief is. cenk: i got you. great conversation, thank you so much. when we come back, we'll do an interesting story about private prisons.
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legislators in new hampshire fighting back. why are private prisons such a terrible idea? documentaries... on current tv.
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cenk: we're back on "the young turks." often we talk about how billionaires and corporations as well fund a lot of
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prison. >> tell me about the state policy network and what they do at the state and federal levels with their dark money in a manner of speaking. >> cenk, thanks for having me
4:42 pm
on. my piece explores how of a the 2008 election, conservative planners billionaires and some very political corporations fueled what's really been a huge growth in state think tanks state organizing institutes and virtually every single state. they are building these organizations at different state capitols for three different reasons, one to go after their perceived political opposition from low in come groups like acorn and labor unions, two, to push the state to enact far right policies and go after democrats, and three to provide an i'd dealingiccal venire for corporate lobbying, so corporations don't have their fingerprints on them. cenk: they got this money. we talked at the federal level they do the political action. on the state level, is it the same thing or is it different in
4:43 pm
other ways how they spend the money to get the results they want? >> we talk about campaign finance. often, we talk about who's funding a super pac who's funding a candidate a campaign committee. this is a whole new ballgame that has separated. they're using dark money groups that don't have to report any of their donors or spending habits. i've received and taken a look at some of these tax disclosures that kind of have been -- they're on a delayed schedule, so they go from 2007-2011 and it shows that billionaires and other groups have pumped 10s of millions of dollars into building this political infrastructure in the states, so it's a little bit different than ordinary campaign finance that you can maybe find at the s.e.c., however they're acting like a political action
4:44 pm
committee, airing ads provided political cover for scott walkers power grab and doing things you would see from an action committee. cenk: i think everybody gets the ads and now california's looking into it, because they've spent money on ballot initiatives that they're supposed to tell you where the money come and didn't. that could be a legal issue in california. some other states are looking into it. >> yeah. cenk: how about the non-ads what is the political infrastructure they ever set up and how does it influence politicians to vote in their direction? >> the think tanks being set up in state capitols across the country are not just running ads, their hiring organizers to organize tea partyers and other grassroots groups, going out and funding academics to write papers to support their positions, hiring lobbyists hiring former journalists, one of the biggest places they've expanded is creating media
4:45 pm
outlets in every single state. they've hired over 100 former journalists, set up these quasi media outlets in all 50 states, and kind of coordinate the campaign, they're able to push an agenda and create the appearance of a ground swell of public support when there isn't really one. cenk: franklin center state of michigan is taking advantage of cutbackion at local papers, cash strapped and understaffed local and reinennal newspapers can't provide the real information that voters need to make good decisions. they're taking advantage of the lack of staffing and funding and is this kind of almost an underground state level fox news virus being spread with reporters going into these places and are they making stuff up or just reporting from a conservative perspective and honest that it is from a conservative perspective?
4:46 pm
>> it's different than fox news, which is run for profit. these are not for profit, providing it to free to media outlets that would accept it. there's a lot of local town and county papers that just reprint their stuff for free, it's basically as i understand indicated. in terms of their content they've had some good, actual journalism, but at the same time, a lot of these stories are kind of fabricated things, birther stories accusing president obama of not having proper birth certificate. they made outrageous 11th hour claims in the election last cycle attacking democrats basically making things up to make them look bad right before the election. we had one big example in wisconsin where a democratic candidate named america pocan they made up a conspiracy that his husband had attacked someone and threatened him over texts messages. it just wasn't true. this came out a few weeks before
4:47 pm
the election, hoping to hurt him. cenk: it's a agrees piece. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. cenk: when we come back, private prisons, why is this a bad idea, does it cost the state money. we've got a rich from new hampshire to talk about how their fighting back. >> to build a profit incentive to locking people up, this puts a dynamic into the system, which is contrary to what i think are the values that new hampshire holds. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything.
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cenk: back on "the young turks." private prisons have increased incarceration rates in a lot of states, because they have an incentive to do so. they've increased the costs.
4:51 pm
new hampshire wants to avoid that mistake. we have a local report here. >> the council is weighing several options to fix incarceration issues, which includes the controversial idea of allowing a private vendor to build and run two state prisons among several possible scenarios, building a woman's prison and men's prison or combination of both using private money and leasing it back to the state or do the construction and management of the prisons privately. right now, the state is waiting on a consultant report before deciding. we do know the governor allowing a private company run a prison, but leasing is still a possibility. cenk: well, the house voted on it march 21, the new hampshire house, and said the executive branch should not privatize and they would forbid it. the senate in new hampshire has not voted yet. i want to talk to renney
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cushing, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. cenk: why are you so concerned about private prisons. >> apart from taking away someone's life, there's no more awesome exercise than to take away somedays freedom. before we subject someone to bondage, strip searching them, shackling them, we need to make sure it's done in a way that respects human dignity and private prisons don't do that. we don't want prisons to be a profit center. we want it to be a responsibility of the state to make sure that there's rehabilitation that takes place. cenk: you know, it's interesting, because i've done this issue many times on "the young turks," but getting ready for this segment, it occurred to me that not only do they not want to do rehabilitation, but would have an incentive the make sure they treat people in a way
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that would make them more likely to be criminals to make them come back in and provide more profits. >> that's one of the hidden costs that we don't talk about. private prisons have a high recidivism rate than public prisons do, that's because there is an incentive to keep those cells filled. we have a problem with over incarceration, but the answer is not something that we can build our way out of. the answer to that is to address some of the underlying causes of crime and work to prevent recidivism or what exacerbates it. cenk: the private prison population from 2000-2009 has gone up 33% at the state level and 120% on the federal level. immigration detentions, it has gone from $760 million in 2002 to $5.1 billion in 2012.
4:54 pm
when you look at those numbers and you see how much they've increased, is it possible the money they're funneling to the politicians is providing an insentive to put more people in those centers and make more money for those companies? >> i certainly know that both corrections corporation of america and g.o. to the major prison operators in the company were lobbying heavily against our ban on prison privatization in new hampshire. in my state we spent $35,000 a year to incarcerate someone spending more money on prisons than our state university system. that's simply not sustainable. the and that is is not to try to out source incarceration. the answer is to have a program that addresses the underlying causes of crime. i don't want to have corrections officers who take an oath to the stockholders and who are answerable to the board of
4:55 pm
directors of an out of state private corporation. i want them to uphold the constitution of the state and the federal government. that's what we have now. cenk: that's really interesting on a couple levels. by the way i know one of the arguments on the other side is they're cheaper. in arizona they cost three and a half million dollars more, so it seems to be no argument against. when you look at this number, they're lobby over the last 10 years spent $45 million lobbying politicians, and so representative, when you see that number, have you seen it have an effect in new hampshire for some of the people you're dealing with on the other side of the aisle. >> that remains to be seen. there was a heavy presence. they were able to enlist the businesses industry association the statewide chamber of commerce. they've made it a party issue for the other side, at least in the house of representatives but i think there was bipartisan
4:56 pm
support to oppose prison privatization. libertarians have a strong interest in not seeing that we outsource incarceration. it's different, you know, prison holding someone in bondage is different than picking up tracker or plowing snow. it speaks about the values that we have as a society. that's what's at stake really. cenk: it appears to be a core government function and costs more and creates more prisoners. representative, thank you for joining us on "the young turks" and shedding light on this issue. >> thank you very much. cenk: all right now when we come back, an important final .4 guys. we'll come right back.
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
>> cenk: tonight on, two amazing stories related to what we did on today's show. number one republicans in colorado are trying to block a bill that would say you can't get a gun if you've been convicted of domestic abuse. they say you should be allowed to get a gun. that's

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